Standard or Customised Training and Engagement for your Team

Certification Programs & Workshops

For career training and certification, PharmEng offers programs through national and internationally-recognized universities and institutions, delivering certificate programs such as:


  • The Biopharmaceutical Technology Certificate Program for the University of Waterloo

  • The Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Technology Program for Cape Breton University

  • The National Tsing Hua University College of Life Science in Taiwan

  • The National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) for in-house training of NHRI Vaccine Research and Development employees

  • 1 to 2-day professional technical training workshops at National University of Singapore Academy of GxP Excellence (NUSAGE), NUS Department of Pharmacy, and at Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries (MOPI), Malaysia



Instructors and Course Materials

All instructors are subject matter experts with direct industry experience and best  practices. Instructors include guest speakers from industry, government and academia, where they integrate theory with practical applications, and share their expertise through case studies and quizzes. Course materials are developed by PharmEng in-house and are constantly updated to keep current with the regulatory environment. As the industry changes, so do the issues and challenges. 


 Our training and professional technical courses, with supporting materials, link together:

  • Regulations

  • Government

  • Industry

  • Academia

  • International Standards




PharmEng offers, speaks and participates at conferences throughout the year, in collaboration with various professional associations in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, nutraceutical and healthcare industries, such as Health Canada


Customised Training


We understand one-size-fit-all training may not be suitable for some companies with specific issues to resolve. Hence, PharmEng also provides in-house customised training and solutions to companies in various topics, in addition to our standard generic courses and workshops. Do get in touch with us at to discuss your training needs.

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