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Diagram below shows an overview of the regulatory services we provide, incorporating regulatory strategies and product life cycle management for market access approval to different parts of Asia and rest of the world.

Regulatory Strategy & Product Life Cycle Management
Strategic Regulatory Access to Markets


            We provide:
  • On-site and remote regulatory consulting & support
  • Technical staff outsourcing
Product Classification
  • NCE / NDA

  • Generics

  • Biologics

  • Biosimilars

  • Orphan Drugs

  • Veterinary Medicines

  • Medical Devices, ​

  • Advanced Drug-

  • Device Combination Products

  • Cosmetics

  • Health Supplements

  • Food

  • TCM

Regulatory Intelligence
  • Expert advice on regulatory strategy

  • Product lifecycle planning

  • Risk and gap analysis

  • GMP and GDP requirements

  • Product classification assessment

  • Regulations and compliance requirements

  • Quality Management Systems

  • Quality Assurance

  • Preclinical, clinical data and dossier requirements

  • Approval pathways and lead time

  • Registration fee

  • Pricing and reimbursement policies

Pre-market Submission
  • Project Management

  • Engagement of subject matter experts

  • Module 1 Application

  • eCTD / ACTD conversion, preparation and submission

  • Country specific dossier and labeling translation, compliance review and assembly

  • Master files compliance evaluation

  • CMC review

  • Submission filing to local regulatory agencies

  • Regulatory agency meetings and feedback

  • Reimbursement application

  • GMP and GDP audit inspections

Post-market Compliance
  • Post-market Surveillance and Pharmacovigilance

  • Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR)

  • Adverse event reporting

  • Variation submission

  • Gap analysis and remediation

  • Renewal applications


Market Access


  • Marketing Authorization Holder Application

  • Establishment Registration

  • Manufacturer Site Inspection

  • Import License Application

  • In and out licensing

  • Transfer of license

  • Product License holding and protection

  • Technology Transfer

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