Introduction to Biopharmaceuticals and Biosimilar

Online Training Id: PPD-004

Geographical Region: All

Level: Basic

Duration: 2 hrs 

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This Introductory course in  Biopharmaceuticals provides an introduction to the global market opportunities for the latest developments in Biologics and the techniques of Biotech production.

This eLearning Course will provide an overview to;

  • The Industrial perspectives on the commercial importance of Biopharmaceuticals.

  • Use of Pharmacogenomics in developing Biopharmaceutics.

  • Properties of Biopharmaceuticals.

  • The Biotechnology Manufacturing Process

  • The Facts on Biosimilar





John DR Jolley - FR Pharm S, FCQI CQP is a co-founder of Pharma Consult Global, a Pharmaceutical Consultancy providing technical consultancy and training European countries, Middle East, South Africa and the USA and involving International Pharmaceutical Experts from around the world.  He is a pharmacist who has held positions in Clinical Research, Product Registration, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and General Management.  He was Technical Director for Boehringer Ingelheim UK for 15 years before working in Technical consultancy. He is a practicing Qualified Person (QP) for pharmaceutical manufacturing, Distribution and Clinical Research organizations, and  is  an  Industry  representative  on  the  EMA  advisory  committees  for GMP/GCP.  John  has  a  degree  in  Pharmacy  and  has  been  awarded  fellowships  with  the  Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Chartered Quality Institute.

John Dr Jolley  FR PHARM S, FCQI CQP

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