This hands-on course aims to provide an ‘end-to-end’ appreciation of product businesses in a birds-eye view thereby shaping the mindset for being a ‘master in execution’. Besides connecting diverse functional elements along the chain and highlighting the challenges, it would bring out the financial performance of the business in simple yet powerful terms.




Commencing from the opportunity to innovate as per market needs, this interactive course imparts much needed awareness on strategy formulation, fit, market positioning, lean execution, cost efficiency, productivity and concluding with a financial perspective of the business.    


Besides outlining the key challenges in regulatory compliance, effective and efficient running of the business, it exposes the significance of seamless communication and cross functional decisions, breaking silos in-between.  In addition to honing critical thinking skills, it drives home the power of simplicity in making a difference in the market place.


Driven by case examples, the workshop-type engagement of attendees from different backgrounds and friendly flow of topics, ensures learning from each other and in cross pollinating ideas.   Insights developed from the course may help the attendees evolve comprehensive strategies for their own organizations, generate a pipeline of ideas and smartly launch new products for sustained profitable growth. 


No matter which part of the business they are from, each participant will have gained knowledge on key ingredients in running a successful business in the healthcare arena.

For those hungry for contemporary tools and approaches to accomplish their missions, this practical program offers a fair spread and would help imbibe such with ease.


What to expect?


Opportunity to network with fellow professionals to broaden perspectives, teaming up to analyze scenarios, a simulation game to learn concepts while having fun and role plays to ‘walk in the shoes’ of other functions – in addition to nuggets of business knowledge from the facilitator.


Who should attend?


Functional leaders and Executives of multinational organizations from R&D, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Sales or Marketing as also entrepreneurs in small to medium sized businesses in the healthcare and medical device arena, would stand to benefit. 



  • Introduction & overview

  • The market opportunity to innovate

    • Voice of customer

    • Strategy formulation, Strategic fit

    • Perceived Value, Key accounts

  • Execution

    • Speed to market

    • Regulatory compliance

    • The operations game

  • Performance

    • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

    • Slip-ups and remediation

  • Money trail

    • Cash flow, P&L and Balance sheet

    • Key metrics and ratios

  • Action planning          

    • How do we do ours?     

(Case studies and examples interspersed)


Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this Workshop the attendees will be able to:

  1. Get a simplistic cum realistic end-to-end view of business in the healthcare and medical device arena

  2. Recognize the importance of breaking cross-functional silos

  3. Appreciate the financial implications of such

  4. Dovetail the significance of regulatory compliance

  5. Understand pitfalls  and remedial measures in compliance

  6. Gain insights from the cases examples

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